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Sleep Coaching

In baby’s sleep advice, it should be distinguished that good counselling, as well as the extent to assess what phase the child is experiencing, will depend on the baby’s age. Parents will be advised on day and night routines and naps, to eventually make the baby rest well both during the day and night. Of course, always taking into account and respecting the type of upbringing they want to carry out.


1. Explaining what sleep is like in newborns and how it evolves during the baby’s first months of life, thus setting realistic expectations regarding their rest.

2. Structuring the day-to-day, learning the techniques to calm the baby down and helping him or her fall asleep in a relaxed way.

3. Understanding when and how to start establishing healthy sleep habits (routines, schedules, etc).

4. Understanding the basics of childhood sleep.

5. Understanding the keys of a good rest and establishing healthy sleep habits.

6. Understanding the keys of a good rest and establishing healthy sleep habits.

Tarifa: 65€ per session

Our Coaches

MER GARCIA MASÓ, Certified Child Sleep Advisor

Mom of three sunlights who have transformed my life by making me park my career in the corporate world to find my true vocation: parenting and family well-being.

My first months as a mother were very hard and deprived of rest. This made me begin to take an interest in child development by taking a Master in Emotional Intelligence at the Hune Institute.

With my second motherhood, I experienced sleep deprivation again and that is what made me look for solutions. This is how I became a certified sleep consultant at the Family Sleep Institute. Later I trained as a Health Coach at the Dr Sears Wellness Institute and I have also been certified in positive discipline with Marisa Moya. As a restless mind that I am, I continue and will continue to train myself to help you all achieve that family well-being.

AMELIA HUNTER, Certified Child Sleep Advisor

Specialized in infant sleep through The Sleep Sense ™ Certification Program and with a training in Mental Health from the Children’s Sleep Institute and the Department of Psychology at Children’s Hospital of Toronto, Canada.

In addition, she is a Pediatric Assistant by ISED. For more than five years, she has been helping and guiding families to establish healthy habits that give their children the ability to fall asleep naturally on their own and to achieve uninterrupted sleep.

After working with more than a thousand families with very good results, experience has shown that, whatever the situation may be, good sleep hygiene can be established with progressive methods tailored to each situation.

MARICARMEN PÉREZ,  especialista en sueño infantil

Enfermera por la Universidad de Sevilla con experiencia en diferentes áreas pediátricas como urgencias, hospitalización, observación, triaje, UCI y quirófano…

Asesora de Lactancia Materna certificada por la Asociación de Lactancia y Crianza de Aljarafe y especializada en sueño infantil.

ROCIO ARELLANO, infant sleep specialist

Nurse from the University of Seville with experience in different pediatric areas, such as emergencies, hospitalization, observation, triage, ICU and operating room.

Breastfeeding Advisor certified by the Aljarafe Breastfeeding and Parenting Association, and specialized in infant sleep.

Mª ÁNGELES TORRES, Child sleep specialist

Graduated in Nursing from the University of Extremadura, with training in pediatric nursing emergencies, pediatric emergencies and emergencies, continuous training program in infant nutrition for nursing and infant sleep.

MARIANA MORENO, Child sleep specialist

Degree in Surgery from Anhuac North Mexico University and with a Specialty as an Internal Medical Resident, Pediatrics and its Specific Areas (Neuropediatrician profile) from the Virgen Macarena University Hospital (Seville).

Master in Current Knowledge of Rare Diseases and with a specialized training in childhood sleep.

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