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Nutritional Coaching

Baby led weaning or complementary feeding directed by the baby, a new way of introducing feeding from six months old, where the baby feeds him or herself with pieces of food, skipping the minced foods phase.


1. Learning how to introduce food using this method.

2. Knowing what foods can be introduced and when.

3. Working on aspects related to how to deal with choking.

Fee: 65€ per session

Our Coaches


Mom of three sunlights who have transformed my life by making me park my career in the corporate world to find my true vocation: parenting and family well-being.

My first months as a mother were very hard and deprived of rest. This made me begin to take an interest in child development by taking a Master in Emotional Intelligence at the Hune Institute.

With my second motherhood, I experienced sleep deprivation again and that is what made me look for solutions. This is how I became a certified sleep consultant at the Family Sleep Institute. Later I trained as a Health Coach at the Dr Sears Wellness Institute and I have also been certified in positive discipline with Marisa Moya. As a restless mind that I am, I continue and will continue to train myself to help you all achieve that family well-being.

Belén Fernández

Engineer, accredited Coach by ICF and AECOP, Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness Consultant. After working as a consultant, advisor and account executive in various sectors, I transferred my passion for people to the sphere of personal development, dedicating myself to facilitate change and development processes for individuals and companies.

Being a working mother who has worked both for others and for her own account, undertaking different projects has led me to become aware of developing measures that aim at family and work-life balance, as well as to understand that the basis is for parents to learn to exercise shared responsibility. I also became aware that motherhood and work development should go hand in hand, mutually reinforcing each other.

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