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Coaching online 1to1

Parenthood, the idea of getting back to work or the very strong demands that these two spheres of life entail, can make your employees feel overwhelmed. With the one to one Coaching sessions, what is achieved is:

  1. 1.Offering support to employees in this transition of becoming parents, which is the most important change in life.
  2. 2. Retaining talent (especially female talent) and help your staff members grow both personally and professionally.
  3. 3. Talent development after fatherhood / motherhood.
  4. 4. Helping employees to be better parents and better professionals and, therefore, happier at work.
  5. 5. Achieving a sustainable company from the point of view of equality and reconciliation.

We support companies and families
in the most important areas after the baby is born.

Family Coaching

We offer support and advice to families so they can get the most out of themselves and of each member.

Sleep Coaching

Babies are born without knowing how to sleep alone and differentiating day and night. It is essential to start creating a good sleep hygiene.

Breastfeeding coaching

Ideal for addressing breastfeeding in a comprehensive way through advice for the establishment of successful breastfeeding.

Nutrition coaching

Baby led weaning or complementary feeding directed by the baby, a new way of introducing feeding from six months old.

First aid coaching

Complete course where we will talk about neonatal CPR, pediatric CPR, choking (Heimlich maneuver) and domestic accidents.

Give your employees a coaching session and you will be giving them happiness and emotional balance. 65€/session.

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