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Days off from school

Working parents find themselves with the problem of who to leave their children with during the school days, Christmas weeks, Easter and summer since the schools are closed and they are working. That is why the School-playrrom is born in the work centers, offering a service aimed at children aged two to sixteen years old care, and we will try to carry out activities that entertain, develop and make children have fun during the working day.

Group organization:

We offer diverse, varied and rich possibilities, for children to be the protagonists. To do so, different nature activities will be offered in the outside area (if time allows),  while workshops and games inside.

Each activity is aimed at an age group and can be inside and outside the company.

From visiting the zoo with the little ones to going skating, sports activities … and workshops in the company itself.

We will differentiate children by age groups and activities.

The groups can be shaped according to the ages and interests of the children in the service.

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