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Nurses and Salus

We hope you never need this service, but as the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Magdalena Ortiz

  • Diploma in Nursing.
  • Maternal and neonatal nursing specialty.
  • Breastfeeding consultant.
  • Sleep coaching.
  • Child massage specialist.

Alexandra Davidson

  • Alexandra Davidson
  • Degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy.
  • IBCLC Breastfeeding Advisor with a Specialty in Emergency Nursing.
  • CPR instructor.
  • Specialist in Infant Massage, specialized in Rubio Method.
  • Specialist in Infant Massage, specialized in Rubio Method.

Ana Belén Domínguez

  • Graduate in Psychopedagogy.
  • Diploma in Primary Education.
  • Therapeutic pedagogue.
  • Pedagogical Director in an educational center 0-3 year of age.
  • Educational and family coaching.
  • Early care expert.

Ana Belén Pozo

  • Nursing assistant.
  • Pediatric assistant.
  • Chiromassage expert in basic care of the newborns.
  • Expert in children’s massage.
  • Breastfeeding consultant.

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