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Pediatras online 24h

We place the best centers and specialists in pediatrics at your staff members and at your organization disposal, so that employees can access the best care at a very reasonable price.

The main concern of parents concerning their children is their health. That is why we have created this solution, so that they feel your organization cares for them as a family, and you can give them ease and balance, facilitating immediate access to unlimited online pediatricians all over a year, for 15 € per month / employee.

  • Pediatricians will be able to assess symptoms, health content, digital medical history, health agenda, see vaccination and medication reminders… and many more services at no cost.
  • We make the best technology available to your employees with maximum security in communications and total privacy of your data.
  • We select the best pediatric centers and specialists, so that your employees can access the best care completely free of charge.

The best pediatricians to serve your employees with children via:

Support your employees and their families at the happiest time

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