"Organizations that understand the value of the family"

Baby Friendly Companies is the solution we have created more than two years ago. It is based on listening and accompanying hundreds of companies, employees and families, on the happiest adventure of their lives: when they have a baby and throughout their first years.

We are a company formed by full of passion professionals who listen and provide solutions tailored to each organization so that they become Baby Friendly. We are more than a program: we are part of the corporate culture of companies.

The services that we have included so far, since we are continuously listening, are, for example: celebration, by the company, the staff’s babies’ birth momento, advice to families in Early Childhood Education, pediatricians online 24h, access to the nannies and babysitter selection, consulting and training, coaching aimed at families and companies, and much more! We will be happy to help you design the program that best suits your organization

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1. Does your company comply with the decalogue?

If your organization wants to join the Baby Friendly movement, it must comply with the decalogue. See it here! We also offer you Basic or Premium Programs. You can choose them including the services the organization prefers to accompany its employees, from the moment they announce that they have a baby, when the baby is born and in his or her early years.

2. What program should you choose?

For the program choice, we recommend you contact us. For the sole purpose of giving you advice, we will counsel you according to your company needs and preferences. We will provide you with guidance between the different Basic or Premium Programs and the services we can offer you.

3. Internal communication

Once we have defined, implemented and agreed on the chosen Baby Friendly Program, we will provide you with an internal communication model (providing you with examples), so that your team knows the commitment and the services they are going to enjoy.

4. Seal use right

The seal can be used in internal communications, for example as an email signature, as well as in external communications, for example on your website.

5. Right to communication campaign on social networks

We have channels on LinkedIn and Twitter, which is why, once the program has been chosen and implemented in your organization, you can give us authorization to publicize your new commitment and your membership to the Baby Friendly movement.

If the program you choose is Premium, we can also launch a joint press release and spread it in social media.

Companies that are already Baby Friendly

Need more information?

We will be happy to help you find the program that best suits your company needs.