Do you comply with our 10 Baby Friendly principles?

The purpose of this code is to establish the guiding principles that companies in the Baby Friendly Companies domain must comply with in order to have a common vision of the ethical standards that constitute our framework and that we want to convey to all the companies that are part of our movement.

The values of the Code guide behaviors, drive results, and contribute to the success of both benefit management and the full satisfaction of their employees, which we reflect in our 10 Baby Friendly principles.

Work-Life Flexibility in Our Lives

Parents, both mothers and fathers

Celebrating Parenthood

The BFC Gift Set is a reflection of shared joy

Information and training: keys to support

Let’s use technology to improve our environment

Respect and support for family contingencies

Supporting personal and professional growth without discrimination

Respecting any choice of our collaborators

Supporting collaborators with tools for a better life

Baby Friendly Companies is:

  • Integrity: We take responsibility, leading by example.
  • Courage: We empower our employees to seek learning opportunities and personal development.
  • One BBFD: Pursuing collective success through diversity and collaboration.
  • Preventing personal conflicts of interest regarding the process of becoming parents.

We provide professional and honest treatment when offering our services; being approachable and available, and providing the tools to meet the needs of your employees and their families is our top priority.

Both employees and the company strictly adhere to the human rights included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This includes fulfilling the following commitments, among others:

  • Equal opportunities.
  • Opposition to all forms of unfair or illegal discrimination.
  • Workplace safety

At Baby Friendly Companies, we always act and work with the goal of achieving the highest quality in our products, seeking the satisfaction and fulfillment of our clients’ expectations.

Key factors in consistently demonstrating respect and empathy towards your employees to promote and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Through attentions and services provided to your employees, you explicitly show goodwill and support, building strong relationships and actively supporting parenthood within your workforce.

Being a part of Baby Friendly Companies through our contract implies respecting the principles and values that are part of Baby Friendly’s code of ethics, with the clear and responsible objective of providing continuous support for parenthood within your own company.