Tailored consulting services

Para mejorar la conciliación en la organización

The inequality and loss of talent for a company often begin when someone has a baby. That’s why we help companies understand and address these challenges, in order to promote equal opportunities and achieve true work-life balance.

“No one should have to choose between starting a family and their career”

We collaborate with the human resources departments to promote equality and attract/retain talent for employees who have children.

Customized for each organization

Questionnaires tailored to each company’s challenges

Focus groups for identifying internal challenges

Webinars & 1-to-1 Coaching for implementing measures

Customized online designs tailored to organizations (flexibility)

Follow-up and implementation analysis – BFC certification

Baby friendly company

We grant the Baby Friendly company seal to those companies that commit to complying with the Ethical Code and hire one of our programs (starting from 99€).

Yes, of course, no problem. However, hiring just one program without meeting the rest of the requirements will not qualify for obtaining the seal.

Certainly! In the section of Services for individuals, you will find all the available services for your family.

The programs are part of the Corporate Culture of the company. There is no minimum commitment period. The programs are marketed through Vouchers, which do not have an expiration date.

Do you want the
"Baby Friendly" seal for your company?

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