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We are constantly evolving in the path of working, face-to-face and teleworking. Video conference meetings have become standardized and are part of our day to day.

From BFC we help you as an organization, so that the people in your team who have children get the best of themselves, both at work and at home, adapting to the new way of working.

Helping employees in their parents’ roles in crisis times.

Keys to telework with children and become more productive.

How to set limits to better educate and be able to do the job.

How to achieve co-responsibility as a solution to equality.

Keys to accompany your team when they get back to work after parental leave.

How to help parenting employees manage uncertainty.

How to better accompany your team when they are going to become parents.

How to reconcile work and family during the baby’s first years.

How to manage the stress of having a baby.

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