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Baby Friendly

We help companies and employees make the best of themselves at work and as parents.

Baby Friendly Companies

With our programs we make employees with kids feel happy in their work.

We make reconciliation part of your organization philosophy.

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We transform organizations into "Baby Friendly" to make motherhood and fatherhood an opportunity and a tool for equality.

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What our clients say

Javier Ros, SEAT HR vice president

At Seat we take care of employees when they have a child. Among other things, we send them a personalized basket to celebrate the birth of their child. We have conducted a survey to measure the impact it has had. Some of the results are as follows:


100% of employees feel more committed to their work, since they believe that the company takes care of them and their families at such important moments as the baby birth.


97% of respondents are satisfied with the gift and see it as useful.

Employment branding

78% are brand ambassadors since they have commented on the detail the company has had taking them into account at such special moment for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it becoming a Baby Friendly Company?

It depends on the services hired by your company. We have Baby Friendly Basic Programs starting at 99 € annually per employee who has a baby.

I am private individual, can I hire the Baby Friendly services?

Of course you can. In the Family Services section, you will find all the services available for your family.

Is there a commitment to stay?

The programs are part of the Company's Corporate Culture. There is no commitment to stay. The programs are marketed through bonds which do not expire.

Can I cancel any service at any time?

Of course you can. You can expand the services of the Premium Service, get in touch with us and we will advise you!!

If we start with the Basic plan, can we improve it later and hire the Premium service?

Yes, you can improve your service at any time. Contact one of our commercial advisors and receive advice.

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