What is the Baby Friendly seal?

We grant the Baby Friendly company seal to those companies that commit to complying with the Ethical Code and hire one of our programs.
We achieve through our programs that employees with children feel happy in their work.



We envision a world where no man or woman has to choose between starting a family and pursuing their professional career

We help companies contribute to the sustainability of achieving these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

The challenge

Companies nowadays often face a challenge when planning for their employees’ maternity/paternity leave.
How to act as an inclusive and supportive employer when an employee has a baby?
How to attract and retain young talent without ceasing to be a socially sustainable company?



Becoming Baby Friendly is a solution to attract and retain talent: individuals between the ages of 25 and 45 who aspire to start a family.
cuidar a los empleados


It provides a clear and straightforward solution to ensure gender equality in the workplace.
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Success stories

Baby Friendly Companies in numbers

Baby Friendly Companies
Benefited families
Services provided

Xavier Ros

Vice President of HR at SEAT

At SEAT, we take care of our employees when they have a child. Among other things, we send them a personalized gift basket to celebrate the birth of their child. We conducted a survey to measure the impact it has had, and here are some of the results:


100% of employees feel more committed to their work, as they believe that the company takes care of them and their families during such important moments as the birth of a baby.


97% of respondents are satisfied with the gift and find it useful.

Employent branding

78% are brand ambassadors, as they have mentioned the company’s thoughtful gesture in considering them during that special moment for them.

Baby friendly company
We grant the Baby Friendly company seal to those companies that commit to complying with the Ethical Code and hire one of our programs (starting from 99€).
Yes, of course, no problem. However, hiring just one program without meeting the rest of the requirements will not qualify for obtaining the seal.
Certainly! In the section of Services for individuals, you will find all the available services for your family.
The programs are part of the Corporate Culture of the company. There is no minimum commitment period. The programs are marketed through Vouchers, which do not have an expiration date.

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